Tour «Bavarian Forest National Park – green roof of Europe»

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Where else can you find such a boundless green landscape?

We invite you to the Bavarian Forest National Park. The wild nature of  the  forest has  a special mood.  The mysterious atmosphere is mesmerizing. Amazing bird song calms. Here you breathe coniferous aromas and get new energy and strength. A beautiful wooden structure on which you go up opens a stunning view of the valley. In fine weather you can see the Alps.

A few facts  about  Bavarian Forest:

Since 1970,the forest is a protected nature reserve. It stretches across eastern Bavaria and borders on the Czech Republic and Austria. Huge forests and mountainous terrain seem inaccessible. For a long time people did not dare to colonize this region. The ancient Celts in a hurry hid their treasures here. Even the brave Roman warriors located their camps no further than the northern Alps and the Danube. For a long time this territory was considered impassable thicket.

8 reasons to watch:

  • Bavarian Forest National Park Germanys is the first and oldest recognized park and  it visit every year up to a million tourists
  • Wild pristine beauty like hundreds of years ago
  • More than 350 paths
  • Different relief landscape
  • Journey through the crowns of trees
  • Exhibition „Path to nature“
  • Amazing flora and fauna

Here, dreams come true. In fine weather you can see the Alps.
The tour includes: round trip transfer, guided tour. After the tour you will receive an electronic photo book as a gift in memory of you  adventure.
Tour duration: 2,5 hours
Price: 25 euros per person

You can book a Bavarian Forest tour with us by e-mail or call us.


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